Critical issues

The context of this project is the world of detention . Although in Italy one of the most serious problems must be considered overcrowding, the reality is very different and there are many criticalities which must be considered:

1) The partner countries are those in Europe with the highest migration density; in fact, they are those that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, the first landing point for migrants from areas of war and poverty. This factor is very important because there is a high density of immigrant population inside prisons. This leads to difficulties in coexistence and communication between prisoners and between prisoners and prison staff and lawyers; communication entails difficulties for the prisoners in interacting with the world of lawyers for an effective management of users in conditions of serious fragility.  

2) Another important criticality is that in the relationship between a prisoner in the family context; the distance caused by detention makes family members pay the burden, thus leading to situations of serious fragility, especially as regards minors.

3) The number of deaths and suicides: 123 people died in prison in 2017, including 52 suicides.

4) The lack of job and training opportunities which, by law, should be mandatory to build social reintegration: only 4% of prisoners attend professional courses or training activities during the sentence. Less than 30% work. A condition that affects the recurrence rate of crimes.

5) The widespread disregard of the external community towards everything related to the prison context.

6) The serious violation of rights  and the dignity of detained persons.