As part of our intervention plan, among the various needs analyzed, we have focused on 4  aims:

1) Promote the development of the problem of detention and execution of the sentence by acting proactively, supporting the person / citizen in the delicate phase of the path of social reintegration through theater therapy and other cultural activities that strengthen self-esteem.

2) Activate a process aimed at rebuilding the in-out community capable of dealing with the impact with the outside world with greater awareness.

3) Experimenting prevention-oriented actions and interventions for adolescent children in situations of fragility and "social" risk.

4) Provide linguistic-cultural mediation interventions to guarantee equal rights to prisoners and their families.

The project refers to European laws that highlight how prisons must be a re-educational place and not a punitive one. This project certainly presents a good possibility of meeting and comparing different social realities that act in the prison environment and consequently also between the conditions, the strengths and the defects of the various institutions and more generally of the various national systems involved. This comparison between realities of different origins will undoubtedly favor the birth of a possible common strategy to face the problematic situations that will arise in different contexts.