The project

"The penalties cannot consist of treatments contrary to the sense of humanity and must aim at the re-education of the condemned"
Italian Constitution, art. 27.3
The project
"WIP: Work in progress - for a positive reintegration of the prisoner in the free society" is developed by the partnership consisting of:
- the association "Amici della Mongolfiera", coordinator of the project with the Provincial Administration of Pavia
- the "Center du Théâtre de l'Opprimé" in Paris (France)
- Almada Mundo-Associação Internacional de Educação, Formação e Inovação "of Almada (Portugal)
- the Federacion Andaluza Enlace of Seville (Spain)

and is carried out thanks to the funding obtained in 2018 on
Erasmus + adults , the European Program for education, training, young people and sport.

The activities were carried out with reference to two prevailing thematic areas, legal and artistic, and with the use of two operating modes, meetings and workshops, aimed at identifying the good practices expressed by the partner countries.
ultimate aim of the project is to identify good practices that can also be replicated in other situations to help make the constitutionally sanctioned principle of the re-educational function of the sentence concrete.