Through the theater workshop and the other cultural workshops provided (creative writing, comics, photography, radio and video) we intend to work on two fronts: the first internal , precisely on the inmates who will benefit from this opportunity, the second external , that of the world. free who needs to approach and be  approached  from the recluse.

With these workshops it is intended to promote in the recluse the knowledge of  self and the overcoming of social stigmas through the connection of one's past with one's future, the exercise of responsibility, the search for a sense of beauty for the expression of the self. We want to develop the subject's ability to relate with his own thoughts, feelings, needs so that he can enter into assonance with his imaginary universe and share it with the group. The contact between the two worlds is essential, but it must not always be occasional and casual, but sought after and desired. The events in the area that will be organized at the end of the workshop have precisely this meaning, that of creating opportunities for meeting and knowledge.

The training will also and mainly concern foreign prisoners who will be informed about the prison laws and regulations of their respective countries and will be involved in linguistic-cultural mediation activities, in particular with regard to lawyers, and where possible lawyers will be provided for advice. legal free.

Another expected result is to open the world of detention to citizenship by developing an awareness path to create a sort of bridge between inside and outside that can make prison see not as a "non-place" but as an integral part of society.

Finally, the project will allow the comparison between the different practices adopted in the various countries with the aim of creating a common strategy for a fruitful intervention in the various prisons and then writing a guide for volunteering, theater therapy and training for staff and volunteers. inside the prison.




ilprogetto si è articolato su diversi fronti, dai murales sulle pareti dei corridoi del carcere alle attività teatrali svolte all'interno e portate poi nei teatri cittadini. Data la  partcolare collocazione dei partecipanti al progetto, non tutti i materiali e le performances hanno potuto essere pubblicate. La privacy è stata sempre correttamente rispettata e solo alcune foto possono esssere pubblicate, all'interno del carcere non è possibile l'introduzione di cellulari, computer, macchine fotografiche.